About Tina: Retired Princess

Princess Tina has passed away. She has a memorial Daisy in the dog garden. Tina was such a funny, cranky old whippet - we miss her terribly.

Here is her description from her adoption listing on our site. It will give you a good idea of her strong personality.


About Tina...

Do you have a throne in your home for a real Whippet Princess of advanced years?

All her relatives have passed away, you know.

Are you willing to open doors at a whim, be ordered about, and asked to move from "her" spot on the sofa? If you have always wanted to be a subject, this is your girl.


Tina in repose

Adorable Tina makes us laugh about a hundred times a day...she is so full of herself..she is also an old dog and very, very precious.

Got a sense of humor? You'll need it with her majesty, Tina Whippet.

Tina likes rhinestones, and a bite of everything you are eating, please....

Oh yes, and the best spot in the room.....

When Tina Came to Us...

Tina came to us a few years ago because she outlived her owner.

She arrived at the kennel overweight, heartbroken and grieving. After some time, and care, she is a different dog now, and would love to be in the home of someone who is with her most of the time.

She is an older dog, but healthy, and small. Tina was a princess once, she desires to be one again. If Tina was a person, she would be that strange old lady down the street with the funny hats.

She gets along with other dogs, (since she is older, wrestling is not her favorite thing to do), doesn't chase cats, and LOVES to take leash walks. Tina is not a barker, and would love to be a darling ornament for your sofa. Tiny soft kisses don't come often, but they are sincere when they do.

Tina and Levin decorating the furniture