Nutmeg Whippet

? - 1/22/2006

We "found" Nutmeg at the Pomona Humane Society. She shown like a gem in the kennel with the other small dogs.

When we brought Tanner, our oldest whippet, to the kennel to meet her, she jumped all over him as though he were a long lost friend. They were friends from that point on.

Nutmeg (front) with her pal Merlyn

She was with us for two years...a wild, free little spirit. Grammy called her a little witch, but in a nice way. She loved to run at top speed through the roses - daring other whippets to follow. Inevitably, she returned to the house unscathed but the other whippets were usually not as fortunate. She also would drink from the sprinklers...and taught the rotating ones a lesson by biting them repeatedly. Our other whippets learned how to drink from the garden hose by watching her.

Nutmeg liked to garden (e.g., dig vigorously), to hunt gophers (and anything else she could find) and to sleep all the way underneath the covers. Mornings were not Nut's finest hours - she preferred to sleep in until a dignified hour...then lazily seek out breakfast. She figured out how to get around just about every fence in the back yard...except the big one.

Until one day, the gate wasn't locked. A strong gust of wind blew it open - and Nutmeg answered the call to our sorrow. She was very innocent of the world, and had no idea what cars can do an itty-bitty whippet girl.

We sorely miss our wild little Nutty.
There will never be another whippet quite like her.

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