About Uncle Blue...

I am going to take Uncle Blue the old whippet who was in a shelter for two weeks (that is criminal, really) to the vets today. He needs to be euthanized.

I have avoided it for a couple of days. I just love the spritit of this old guy but he is really having trouble breathing now, and his heart is worn out, he is struggling now. He has been staying at my house. All the other dogs like him, I just wanted to keep him long enough for him to remember what love and warm stuff and handfed turkey was like before he passed over. I will miss him, poor feeble little guy. What a truly good dog he was....

Everytime I think of him in that shelter for TWO weeks, I could cry, oh wait, I am.

When Uncle Blue Came to Us...

He could be 10 he could be 100, we cannot tell right now. He still needs a bath and a checkup. We think he is a blue fawn.

His eyes are good and his teeth are better than we would expect a really elderly dog to be.

He IS frail right now. He acts like a starving dog. He needs to be fed a LOT of very small meals, He is hungry all of the time but can only eat a little. The other dogs have sniffed him and simply ignore him.

He is a pleasant dog. He looks at people a lot. His hindquarters are very thin, so his gait may improve when he has some weight on. This photo was taken just hours after his arrival, (11/18) ,and so was this update..so things will change.

He slept flat as a pancake all night long, he was exhausted.