I am writing to let you know that our dear liitle doggy friend Amadeus went to heaven yesterday.  He became ill last Monday and was vomiting and wouldn't eat. The vet checked out his stomach and to our surprise it didn't contain paperclips, christmas ornaments or anything else he might have eaten off the floor as he so fondly loved to do. While waiting for blood test his weight dropped to 21 pounds and he became quite lethargic. Yesterday we found out that he had an advanced stage of kidney disease (no prior symptoms) and his stomach was full of toxins.

I chose to let him lie in the grass in the garden all day, surrounded by chirping birds and buszzing hummingbirds. As the sunset I cradled him  in a blanket and sat in my twig chair rocking him and reminiscening out loud. Tom drove us to the vets and I held him up in the car window so he could see the passing scenery one last time.  When the time came Tom and I were with him, I was stroking him and wispering loving thoughts into his ear all the time. Although he appeared to be comatose at that time when I told him "I want you waiting for me in heaven" he started to wag his tail quite noticeably and then went back into a coma. It was a privilege to be with him in his last moments.  He had his last day in the sun.

I was collecting photos of him last night and found some with all of you in them. He loved a party like all of us. He brought tremendous joy to my life for 12 years and I know he will be waiting for me in heaven, tail wagging when I get there.

Patricia Korzec