AllesandroAllesandro was a greyhound that we had here for adoption. We have no idea what was wrong, nor does the vet. Perhaps cancer, perhaps a spinal injury, although xrays do not show this. Blood tests do not show anything wrong. The emergency clinic has not been successful in stopping his pain, nor has Dr M, even with accupuncture. The screaming was something I have never heard before. It did not stop. He is buried by the Koi pond.

Handsome and gentle Allesandro has never er been a track Greyhound. He is at the most, 2 years old and was dumped or lost out in farmlands along with his possible littermate, Ramona. They love to chase little ground bunnies, so a home with kitties is probably out. Greyhounds are not overly active, in fact, these two spend a LOT of time loving their beds. Greys do not need more exercise than other dogs, so leash walking with this guy will be good for both of you. He is large, handsome, quiet, easy mannered and very loving, in essence, he is a Greyhound. That's what they are like.

This is a wonderful dog.