About the Anatolian Shepherd...

Known before as the Anatolian Karabash, they have existed for centuries in the Anatolian plateau of Turkey where they were used to guard flocks of sheep. The Anatolian Shepherd is one of several large guarding breeds from that country. The breed has been put to use in combat duty, as well as for hunting big game. Today, however they are used as working dogs, to guard the flocks. The Anatolians have not only strength, but swiftness as well, and can dispatch
any wolf foolish enough to threaten his flock.

Anatolians are alert, intelligent, calm and instinctively
protective. They are courageous, loyal and highly adaptive, suspicious of strangers, and rather territorial. The Anatolian's body is rugged, powerful and impressive, possessing great strength,
endurance, agility, and balance for his large size. They are responsive to their masters, but due to an independent nature, can be slow to respond to commands.

Anatolian Shepherds will happily live indoors, but will do better in an outdoor environment. They are very loving toward their family children, but other children should be properly introduced. Not recommended as an apartment dog as they need a home with a large backyad. The owner of an Anatolian Shepherd needs to be strong and exert dominance over them.