Sweet Sue...Now Emma

Update 3/04: More photos.

Clearly Sue - now Emma- loves her new home and family.

Emma - smiling.

Emma enjoying a big hug.

Update: First Night at Her New Home...

Here's an excerpt from an email...

She rode great last night - slept all the way. When we got to the house - she gave it the 10 minute look over (peed outside) then found the couch. She plopped right down and stayed there until about 11:00 pm - then she came back to the bedroom and crawled in bed with us. Slept there all morning.

PS - She gave me a kisses on the face this morning when I got out of the shower.

On the couch - where I belong!

My new pal!

Update: Sue has a great desert home!

Here's a photo of Heidi getting Sue ready to go home to 29 Palms with her husband Cory. If you live in So Cal, look for Sue at your Renaissance faire....

It was love at first sight for all.
What a great couple, what a great dog

About Sue...

What we know about her past is that she was the companion for a handicapped woman. Whatever happened past that we do not know.

Sue has become friends with the kennel person because she sat on the end of the raised kennel run, and Sue came and sat next to her. She continues to sit next to someone. A gentle soul.

This Billy Hound could be your next friend...

Sue is not as shy as she used to be. She has been readily accepting more strangers as friends. She is still reserved in her personality.

Very quiet and gentle. Indifferent to other dogs around her. She does not fence fight. When she sees me, she makes little throaty calling sounds.

She really wants to be someone's dog. I LOVE this dog, so does Mary.

She has a very serious face, but she is very gentle. She is a massivly built but trim dog. She is also tidy. Her run is never messy. She also keeps her blankies in her box.

Sue is a wonderful dog for someone who wants something unusual and which will get them a lot of attention. However, remembering tha leashwalking means please do not touch me, I am afraid. For now, anyway