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Adopted Whippets & Greyhounds: pg 1

Some of our adoptees have truly remarkable stories.
Visit page 2 to see older adoption stories.

neo's nose
Neo - adopted whippet puppy

MOSLEY, Whippet, Male
Mosely is a 10 year old purebred male
WHIPPET. My mom can no longer care for me so I am looking for a home. I am a breed of dog that has a long life span and generally stays active for most of it.
I have been a lure coursing dog and I have a title. I am not an outside dog but I have been crate trained. I do enjoy chewing on my toys, and I don't mind sharing my life with another whippet, just not my food bowl. Get me outta here, please, everyone is nice to me here, but I want a real home. I promise to love you in return.

Mosely has a wonderful new home.


SHADOW, Afghan Mix, Male
Shadow is a 3 year old male AFGHAN HOUND mix. Shadow likes people a lot and is a little rough to play with a smaller dog. He would be fine with another dog his size, preferably a female. Shadow will need a secure yard and a family with the time to give him attention and training. He's a nice dog, VERY big, and most handsome! Shadow has a great new home.


SHADOW, Whippet, Female
Shadow is a young adult female Whippet very sweet, she came from a shelter in the high desert, and has spent a lot of time outside. This is not what we want for this beautiful girl. Her coat is a little sunburned but will turn glossy and black when she has had some TLC and proper nutrition.
She is responsive to people, gentle, and will become a lovely family pet. Shadow has a great new home!


Sarasota, Greyhound, Male
Sarsaota is a 16 mo old female purebred
red brindle GREYHOUND. He is shy but very loving. She has been nowhere and done nothing, she is a blank slate, and very intelligent and sensitive. Everything you show him will be her first time. He is small for a Greyhound and fully grown. Every day she is here, she gets better. He is a new arriva (5/07) and simply lovely to look at. Saraota has a great new home.


He is a puppy, and Greyhounds pups are very appealing. At this age he resembles a little colt or a baby deer.  Please be sure you have the time to spend with this youngster.  He needs training, safe yard, kids would be a plus as would another large breed dog.
Greyhounds do not need more exercise than other dogs. He literally melts in your arms wen you hold him, he goes "boneless".  VERY Sweet, he loves attention. This baby should grown up to be a very affectionate and intelligent addition to any family.  Properly raised, this is a breed that is clean, quiet and very devoted to their people. This is NOT an outside only breed of dog.  They need to be protected from both the heat and the cold. Wizard now has a wonderful new family.

Wiz at 16 weeks

Puppy portrait

7 year old purebred WHIPPET
She's is as nice and gentle as she is beautiful. Owned by an older couple and one of them has recently passed, she needs to be in an adult home where she can be cherished. She is quiet, crate trained, housetrained, has excellent manners, and has never lived with young children. She has never been around cats either, but she gets along very well with dogs, and of course, people. This is a beautiful girl, if you like Whippets, she will melt your she did her new family's!


18 mo old male
Looks like a purebred Whippet, but is not much bigger than a large Italian Greyhound. This is a small Whippet boy. He was found wandering the strip in Las Vegas and has a broken leg that was left untreated and has now healed. He functions just fine now, he has one front leg slightly crooked, however. Mr. Dave was adopted to a couple in the music industry who adore him as do their friends. they have written a song about him which they are thining of submitting to American Humane for them to possibly use.

Mr Dave

9 mo old male
Little Tux has spent his whole life in a kennel, he came to us from a puppy mill in Oklahoma. He has never been anywhere or done anything but he likes other dogs, is pleasant, and needs some TLC. He is very tiny.. Tux approaches people,but is not sure what to do next. He seems to enjoy being held and is not overly nervous. He is only about 6 lbs. This is a very little guy. NOT appropriate for a home with large dogs and young children. Precious....He deserves to be treated as such.

Tux and his new Mom- from England!

Sarajane, Whippet, Female
Crate-trained,house trained, doggie door trained She loves to ride in cars and walks well on a leash She is nicely mannered, not a barker and gets along with most dogs, especially boys, She is spayed and needs a secure yard and a family who wants a dog to love and in return she will do the same.
Very sweet, somewhat submissive. Sara has a great new home.


NINA, Portuguese Podengo Poqueno
(Google: Podengo, they are a sight hound) Nina is a female about 10 months old. She is a riot! She loves to play, pester people, chase other dogs, and she adores GREYHOUNDS! They are her dog of choice to run, wrestle and hang around with. At the kennle, she slips between the gate and goes in out of the Greyhound run. She even bosses them around. She is a cheeky young thing and full of life.

When we got her from the Modesto shelter we were alarmed to find that she was born without hip sockets, so we thought we would just let her stay here, doing what she does as long as she wanted to. Our veterinary orthopedic surgeon took a look at her, watched her romping with the other hounds and said "place her, she is fine, her body has figured out how to make it all work."

Nina is now living the good life in Washington state!

> Learn more about the Podengo...

Nina & friend
Nina with her new buddy


ALEX, Greyhound, Male
Alex is a purebred Greyhound male, born 4/04 at the Phoenix track. He's very sweet, mild mannered and quiet. Alex has gotten along well with any roommate he has had. Very nice white boy with speckles, and a brindle patch. He would love to be the companion of another female Greyhound, or maybe just you....looking for a friend? This is a very nice boy...and he now has a very nice home!


TIGGER, Greyhound, Male
TIGGER is an adult male 3 year old purebred Greyhound. He came from central California where he was used in the field to chase hares and Coyotes. He is handsome, very people-oriented, and very loveable.

Tigger's feet, however, are made out of springs. He needs an enclosed yard and a forever home.

Do you think Tiggers are wonderful things? We do...and so do Tigger's new family.



SO, Greyhound, Male
Racing in Arizona under the name System So, this three year old male is awesome. He is good natured, friendly, quiet and handsome. He's everything a Greyhound is supposed to be including very loving. So has a wonderful new home.



Special Needs Whippet
LEVIN, Whippet, Male

Former name Whippet Rescue # 11.
Rescued, 6 years ago, along with about 20 other Whippets from a warehouse puppy mill in central California. These dogs were kept in deplorable conditions and bred regardless of any faults or health conditions. Levin has a genetic disorder called Macular Degeneration. He is blind. It has been gradual, and he can still see some light. He has been taught to walk, the language of humans, and gets along with other dogs.

An update from his new owner...

I am watching him sleep and he is making little noises.  I guess he is dreaming.  He has such minimal needs.  The most important things to him are consistency and routine (and greenies!).  Once he learned the routine around here, he stopped being nervous, stopped peeing when we left him alone, and started being a happy dog.  I love how he seems to enjoy being next to Koda.  He often tried to cuddle with her.  And, even though she is not a big cuddler, she let's him snuggle with her (for a little while).  It is quite cute. 

Levin does not care for strangers, which really makes us feel blessed that he came with us so readily.  I feel as though he knew we were his friend from the start.  He was magnificent in Oregon at the National.  He is so adaptable.  He learned the lay of the hotel room quickly and soon gathered quite a following of Levin fans!!  Koda's co-breeder was completely smitten. He routinely called people over to meet Levin.  I wish Levin had been with me when I met former President Clinton in the lobby of our hotel!  Levin would have impressed the heck out of him. 

I love this dog.  Thank you for trusting us with him.  I know he occupies a special place in your heart.  

See Levin's original posting...


RIVERDANCE, Greyhound, Male
River is a 7-8 month old purebred (non-track AKC breeding) GREYHOUND puppy. Silly, rambunctious, loving and simply stunning!

This is a gorgeous and loving young dog. He needs a secure yard, a family with the time to give him the training and attention he needs, and a bunch of kids to play with would be great. River Dance likes other dogs, so he would be a good second dog, especially for a female Greyhound or other sight hound or active breed dog.

His owner became critically ill, and is not expected to survive and there was no time for these puppies, so they were placed in rescue. It is relatively rare for us to have such young Greyhounds.

Riverdance has a great new home.


ANNALISA, Italian Greyhound, Female
This adorable little girl is a purebred Italian Greyhound. She is especially tiny, very active, and likes everyone.

This is a fragile breed of dog and she is particularly small, so a home with young children and big dogs is out of the question. She is a puppy, and needs attention and demands time with her person.

Annalisa is now named Chloe - and she's living the good life up in the mountains...dining on canned pumpkin and chasing around the sofa. Best wishes to you and your new family!


Purebred Italian Greyhound puppies
We are two little boys, 10 weeks old
friendly, playful, fearless. We need experienced homes without young children or other large breed dogs We would prefer a mommy or daddy who is home all of the time or who can take us to work with them.
We are babies, need time and attention and are the cutest little guys ever!

We LOVE people. Our mommy and daddy came to the kennel from a home that had two blue fawn adults but "forgot" to get them altered and were overwhelmed and surprised when mommy had babies.

Dad is now neutered and in a forever home and mommy will be as soon as she has been spayed. Right now she is still playing with her puppies.

Both puppies have great new homes.

Iggy boys

IG Puppy

IG puppy

FRANKIE VALLI, Afghan Mix, Male
Frankie is a 2 1/2 year old male Afghan Hound mix (possible retriever). Friendly, big, rambunctious, and likes people. Frankie will need a secure yard, a family to play with, and a female companion would be nice. Not an appropriate friend for another male dog. Everyone will ask you "WHAT IS THAT" when you are leash walking with this handsome boy.

Frankie (now Eros) is living the good life with Afghan girl, Autumn.


TIGRA, Podengo Mix, Female
Tigra is a young WHIPPET and PODENGO mix. She is very sweet, very loving and very snuggly little girl. She came from a group of sight hounds rescued from Modesto. She is about 16 lbs and will need a secure yard. She is the most submissive of the group and would need to have a gentle dog as a companion. We could snuggle her for hours! She is adorable and her ears are very tall. She now lives with an art historian and guitarist!

> Learn more about the Podengo...



DEX, Greyhound, Male
DEX is aproximately four years old. A young adult male, he was in the animal shelter with a pregnant female, (who had 6 puppies days later), and a youngster about 6 months old. They came from the same owner who simply turned in the whole family, and presumed to be related. He loves his puppy and the female, and gets along with a German Shepherd and an Aussie here. He likes dogs and he loves people. He does not appear to be aggressive with smaller dogs. Initially very shy, he would come to within an arms length of you and when you reached for his head to pat him he would always cower. All the dogs were very thin. Dex is no longer cowering and looking forward to be rubbed and petted.

This is a good sized boy and his bone structure hints that he is probably 1/4 Irish Wolfhound. His coat is smooth. He truly IS a Gentle Giant of a dog, and would be fine as a second dog.

Dex has moved to a different greyhound adoption agency.


Blondy, Afghan Hound, Female
Blondy is a 4 year-old purebred Afghan hound. She has a nice temperament and is a friendly girl who gets along with other dogs. She is is not excitable. She has lived in the company of cats.

She's a very sweet girl. She'll make an excellent companion or addition to a sight hound experienced home. That is our preference. She needs time attention and a secure yard. This is not a breed of dog to spend outside all day, and she *will* need grooming. She is very loving.

Blondy has a great new home.


JAMIE, Whippet, Male
Jamie is a 3-4 year old purebred Whippet. He has been with other dogs, likes people and would prefer the company of a person or family that has someone home all day. He is learning to enjoy walking on a leash. Jamie has basically been a house dog who raised himself. He has not spent any time riding in a vehicle, he could get used to riding. He is slightly overweight and has one blue and one brown eye. He loves to be spoken to and probably will stand for as long as you want him to and be petted.

Jamie now has a great new home!



NINJA, Italian Greyhound, Male
Ninja is a young adult purebred male Italian GREYHOUND. This boy is ready for a fun home. He is fearless, friendly, playful, cheerful, well socialized, smart and gets along with other dogs. He would be fine with another Whippet, Iggie or kitty. He LOVES attention and will follow you around. He has barked at me at least once while I was typing this "Hey ! I'm still here, let's have some fun!"

About 12 lbs, and blue fawn.
Simply darling...and he now has a new home.


MALLORY and DOUGAL, Irish Wolfhounds
Mallory and Dougal are 1 year old purebred IRISH WOLFHOUND puppies. Choose one or both. A knowledge of this breed and experience with sight hounds is important. This is a breed known for it's gentleness and sense of humor.

These two are as friendly as they come, and Dougal will actually put his front paws on your shoulders, look you in the eyes, smile, and give you a slurp. What a couple of cuties.

Both wolfhounds have wonderful new homes.


Mallory and Dougal

Loverboy, Greyhound, Male
Update: Loverboy has a new name: Rocket. Here's a few fun facts from his new dad:

1.  He is the most loved dog on my street.  I am constantly getting people asking me if they can dog sit him.
2.  He has the nicest temperament of any dog I have ever met, only getting "grumpy" one time with other dogs when he had to establish his role as alpha dog.
3.  At the enclosed dog park I take him to he runs like a champ.  I've never seen an animal run that fast.  There are three other greyhounds there and he loves seeing them.
4.  I have a large kennel which I keep open - he gets in it when I snap my fingers at night.  It's really amazing how quickly he adapted.  Only had two accidents in the house and none since I got him on one food.

HI! My name is Loverboy. For some odd reason, I raced at the Tucson track under the name Former Lover, but there is no former at all about me (other than being neutered). I am a love! I like everyone, I love attention and I like to be touched and snuggled. I get along with all dogs so far, I have had both male and female room mates. I am fawn and about 3 1/2 years old. I like people a lot and basically have no real issues anyone has been able to find. Don't I have a great smile? I'd like to have a great home as well. I am one of the smaller Greys for a boy. Some of these guys are huge...not me. I have been in the company of much smaller dogs.

Rocket in his new home
Rocket lounging in
his new home


SPOTS, Podengo, Female
Spots is a female PODENGO. She's a young adult, 3 or younger. This friendly young female dog was removed from a small, overcrowded shelter in Modesto Ca. Thank you to this shelter for going out of their way to make sure this group of 5 dogs found along Interstate 5 were safe. This girl is probably the mother of two of these dogs. A 6th one was found in the Bakersfield shelter, and they appear to know each other. They like pother dogs, especially Greyhounds and Whippets.

This is a small, uncommon, sight hound. They need a secure yard, and are excellent climbers. A chain link fence would mean nothing to this nimble breed. Very loving, very pretty and small ( she is under 25 lbs). If you enjoy sight hounds, you will like this breed.

> Learn more about the Podengo...


FRECKLES, Greyhound, Male
non track Greyhound beautiful red and white 2-3 years at most. Freckles is a
very nice, healthy, neutered male
Likes other dogs, and would probably chase your cat. No question about it, he will keep other pesky critters out of your yard. Like most Greyhounds, Freckles likes people. Pulled by a good friend of ours , and owner of Legend, our handsome track Greyhound, when he found him posted in a shelter in the high desert.

Freckles is now living the good life in South Pasadena. Thanks, Mike and wife for taking the time to bring this beautiful young dog to us.


WIRE SPOTS, Podengo Medio, Male
Wire is a very young adult wire coated
PODENGO MEDIO. Also found in Modesto, this young male is very friendly. He is playful and is the first to approach people. He enjoys the company of people as well as other dogs. He's adorable! He is also an excellent climber, and will need a secure yard, preferable without chain link...for Wire Spots, that is a ladder to freedom.
An active, friendly breed, he will probably chase your bunnies and cats. He appears to really enjoy the company of Greyhounds, and is very excited when he sees them.

> Learn more about the Podengo...

Wire Spots

Afghan Puppies - 1 male, 1 female
Both afghan puppies have found homes.

They are very friendly, get along with people and other dogs. Please, if you simply love the looks of this dog, but do not know the breed, please look them up:
- AKC Afghan Hound Page
- Afghan Club Site

Afghan boy

Afghan girl

HERO, Greyhound, Male
purebred male brindle Greyhound
born 4/04 Phoenix track. Very sweet, playful and loving. This is a cute guy with a puppy attitude. Very handsome.

Hero now has a home to call his own.


EMBER, Ibizan, Female
This young lady came from out of state, from a family in an emergency. She is under two years old. She is simply beautiful, spends a lot of time in her doggie bed, she is quite territotial regarding her space. This may be the only bed she has ever had, and she loves it. Ember is NOT a candidate for the dog park, as she can be aggressive to other dogs. This is a rare breed for rescue.

Ember now has a great new home.
- Read more about Ibizan Hounds....



Phantom, Greyhound, Female
My name is Phantom of the Park - or at least, that's the name I ran under at the track in Tucson. I am a three year old smallish red sable female purebred Greyhound girl. My tail is STRIPED! This is very unusual, and everyone at the kennel points and says how nice it is.

I am very sweet. I have never lived with cats or little children, but I am very soft natured and playful. I would make an excellent second dog especially if you have a neutered male. I do not need an unusual amount of exercise or space. Most Greyhounds do not, and we curl up into small balls, like kitties.

I now have a great new family!


Phantom's tail

GILLIAN, Whippet, Female
Gillian is a 6 year old purebred female Whippet. She is compact, has a tail that comes further over her back than most Whippets, and she is very muscular.
She is also very friendly. Gilly has never met anyone she didn't like, people or animal. She is perpetually happy...especially now that she has a home.


ADONIS, Greyhound, Male
Adonis is a very young male purebred baby Greyhound. Adonis says, "I was pulled out of the local animal control along with my Mom and my dad. We don't know why we were there but we are glad to be out now. I can use a home with a safe fence, and people who have time to spend with me. I am a pup and I am playful and very, very sweet. I like other dogs, even small ones. I am quiet and will grow into a gorgeous and loving companion. I can't wait to learn to walk to Starbucks with you on the leash." Are you ready to train a young god? Adonis now has a new home...


ARIZONA, Deerhound/Borzoi, Female
Arizona is a young ( probably from 10 MOS to 1 year) old female Deerhound Borzoi mix. Found out in the desert where she was probably chasing hares, tired, hungry and with a lotta fleas. Her owner has not been found. ...but a wonderful new family has!


BABY GIRL, Whippet, Female
I am a 10 week old purebred female WHIPPET puppy. I need a friendly family with the time to play with me, give me the attention and love I need and training that will make me into a loving forever companion.

Baby has a wonderfu whippet home.

Baby Girl

JANE, Whippet, Female
Jane is a one year old white purebred female Whippet girlie. She's friendly, funny, frisky, full of personality, and gets along well with other dogs. Jane would be an ideal companion for a bunch of friendly and frisky kids. She is a young and ambunctious Whippet girl. She is also very loving. Jane, she's not just plain white, she's brilliant...and has a great new home.


DESILU, Whippet, Female
Desi is a 7 year old purebred Whippet lady. She is so tiny, barely bigger than an Italian Greyhound.
Desi Update:
Desi's doing GREAT!! She's eating well and getting comfy in her new home with us. She's got some spunk in her that is really fun. We were talking the other day about how much it meant to us that you let us adopt her. We are SOOOOO very lucky to have her. Funny thing is that she balances out the craziness of our puppy. Orbit is calmer around her, it's good. Anyway, I won't keep you but thank you again

Desi looking imperious on her new fluffy bed.

MIRAGE, Whippet, Male
Mirage is a 7 year old neutered male purebred Whippet. He needs a home where someone can give him a lot of time and attention. Mirage is sweet, loving and would probably do best as an only dog. Small children are not appropriate for him. Mirage has a great hew home.


BOONE, Greyhound, Female
Boone is a 5 year old purebred Greyhound lady. Racing under the name Mohican Boone, this is a gorgeous dog of rather smaller stature than most Greyhounds. She is very ballerina like and gorgeous. She is extremely sweet, playful and calm. We love this dog...and happy that she now has a wonderful new home.


DUDE, whippet, Male
Dude is a one year old purebred neutered male Whippet. Dude is funny, silly, young, active and VERY loving. He comes from a long line of great kissers. He gets along with other dogs, will more than likely chase your kitty, but he is sweet, and willing to please.

Dude now has a great new home - with a boy and another dog to play with!



MARSHALL, Irish Wolfhound Mix, Male
Marshall is a 3 year old male IRISH WOLFHOUND mix found at the "pound" this guy is 3 years old and very big, and funny. He wants to please, and needs some attention and training.
He weighs about 70 lbs. He's a big baby of a gentle giant of a dog.
Marshall has a wonderful new home.


ARAMIS, Afghan Hound, Male
Aramis is a one year old ( March 9th)
male purebred AFGHAN HOUND. He is drop dead gorgeous, very sweet, quiet, but afraid of men, at least that is the way it is looking. He was very afraid of his owner's husband but very attached to her. Aramis now has a great new home.


JOEY, Whippet, Male
Joey is a 5 year old purebred neutered male Whippet. He is friendly, housetrained, crate trained, and looking for a home where he can be the only adored companion.Very pretty, and sweet. Joey is an excellent squirrel chaser...and he'll certainly be chasing them at his new home!


OREO, Whippet, Male
Oreo is a 4 year old neutered male
purebred Whippet. Oreo is simply beautiful and he has the biggest, most beautiful eyes. he is VERY sweet, and he is also a bit surprised to find himself here. He really needs to go to a home right away, there is no reason for him to stay here at all. He is fine with other dogs, likes people and kids, and at 4 years old, he is an active young dog who would really like to have a safe yard to play in. Oreo now has a great new home.


UMBRA, Whippet, Female
Umbra is a one year old purebred female Whippet. Simply beautiful. Her ears are perfect, she was frightened in this photo. Umbra is small and very loving. She is also very active, and friendly. She would be fine with older kids, probably chase cats, and would get along with another friendly dog.

Umbra has a wonderful new home in Utah.


MOBY, Whippet, Male
Moby is a 10 month old purebred male Whippet. He is pure white with a black spot on his head. Cute! He gets along famously with other Whippets, and is very playful and loving. He would be a fine companion for active kids.

Moby has a great new home.


WALLY, Irish Wolfhound Mix, Male
Wally is a young adult male Irish Wolfhound mixed with Terrier. He is a very big boy. Wally is just a big, friendly boy who needs a fenced yard, and a family to play with. Gentle, handsome and did we mention BIG? Wally now has a wonderful new home.


LADY GIRL, Whippet, Female
Update: Lady is SO FUNNY..SO PLAYFUL and adorable. She gets along with everyone, play bows to everyone and is charmingly innocent. She is loved by everyone who has been around her. Lady greets everyone with a tail wag and a smile. What a delightful girl.

This sweet, and beautiful young adult female Whippet walked out of the vineyards in Temecula, stood next to the road and was picked up by a big hearted young couple who kept her for a month to fatten her up. They said they were not sure she would live much longer. She was emaciated, had a lot of missing hair, her tail was bald, and she had many coyote bites all over her body. She apparently had been trying to make it on her own for some time. She is lucky to be fast.

Lady girl now has a wonderful new home in Atlanta!


LEGEND, Greyhound, Male
Simply stunning purebred male Greyhound from the Phoenix track. Eternally happy, friendly and playful. This big muscular boy is truly the picture of what a Greyhound should look like. Gorgeous confirmation and wonderful attitude.

Legend now has a little 3-year old child to look after. Best of luck to you both!


Cedrick and Cali
I wanted to send you a few photos of these 2 precious lurchers we adopted from you last March. Cedrick is the black/tan/white one, Cali is the white one and Jax, the black husky-lab mix we rescued, is an honorary sighthound! They are so amazing--intelligent, sensitive, outgoing, loving. Thank you so much for rescuing them, and for allowing us to have 2! We feel so lucky just to know them!

Gabe & Darshann

Cedrick & Cali at the beach

Cedric, Calli and Jax at Halloween

CALYPSO, Greyhound, Male
Update: 02/07
Just a note to update you on Calypso (I call him Bogey after Humphrey Bogart). He has adjusted so very well! He loves to play with his toys and lounge on soft surfaces, ussually the couch. He mastered the doggie door the first day at my home even though it is half his size and he has to "commando crawl" to use it-and he does it so fast! He is such a delight. My family loves him too, my grandchildren all want to come visit me so they can play with him. He is so smart, catches on to things so quickly and he is so willing to please. He is home to stay!

Calypso is a two year old track Greyhound. He is living with a second Greyhound, a female, and they are getting along just fine. HE LOVES people, he is a wiggly, giggly, silly boy! This is a very large boy, very tall and leggy. He loves to lean into people.


DODGE, Whippet, Male
Dodge is a beautiful, gentle young pureed Whippet. He came from a shelter where he was sent after he was found at the side of a road having been hit by a car. He must have been out having a joy run. His owner has never been identified. Dodge has a bilaterally fractured pelvis and he has not had surgery. It is doubtful that he ever will need it, he started to heal very quickly and the orthopedist declined to risk any more damage. He has had pain therapy with acupuncture, and has been released by the vet.

Update - 2007
Beautiful DODGE Whippet
who was found by the side of the road in San Bernardino with a fractured pelvis and barely hanging on to his precious life. His mom brought him into Petco, he remembered Patricia and Minnie and was happy to see both, and showed off his beautiful manners. He loves his mom, and she loves him.

Dodge and Minnie


CINNAMON, Cirneco D'ell Etna, Female
Cinnamon is a very young female Cirneco D'ell Etna - one of the smallest and rarest of all sight hounds. Intelligent, brave and very funny, Cinnamon is a sweet, young and friendly girl. Cinny now has a great new home.
More about this breed...


TIGGER, Greyhound, Male
TIGGER is an adult male 3 year old purebred Greyhound. He came from central California where he was used in the field to chase hares and Coyotes. He is very people-oriented and very loveable. Tigger now has a wonderful new home with his own wire crate, bed and special toy!



Crybaby, Greyhound, Female
My family adopted Crybaby (her new name is "The Pokey Little Puppy" or Pokey for short) on 12/26 and I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how it is going so far. She is adapting really well to our house. She has had a hard time with mirrors (she thinks we have a dog living in our closet), but other than that she is really happy. She likes going on car rides and has made a short trip to my office.


CEE BAR, Greyhound, Female
Cee Bar is a 4-year old, spayed greyhound from the Phoenix track. She is a very tall girl. very black and has white on her muzzle which makes her appear older than she is. People walk right past her. What a mistake. patricia has been taking her home and she even visited a Renaissance Faire and really enjoyed it.

Cee Bar has a new name, and a wonderful new home!
Read about Cee Bar's new life...


COCO, Lurcher, Female
Is about 15 months old. Spayed female Chocolate laborador mix. She could be mixed with hound. She is friendly, enthusiastic, and wants to please. With some time and attention she will train very well, she pays attention. She sits and walks on a leash. She LOVES the company of dogs her size and plays all day. She would make a great companion for a neutered male dog of large breed.
Coco has a wonderful new home.

coco Read more about Luchers & Long dogs...


LOUIE, Whippet, Male
Update: 2/07
Thought I would give you a little update. He is doing great. A perfect match really, everyone loves him. He has slowly put weight on. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be his owner - Julie.

Louie is an 18 month old purebred male Whippet. He gets along with other whippets, and small dogs. He is housetrained, crate trained and while we do not know if he has ever seen a kitty, his temperment is soft, but then, he IS a Whippet. Louie is now living the lux life in the Hollywood area. The photo shows Louie just about to leave us. Goodbye and Good Luck, Louie!

Louie with Julie


HUNTER, Whippet, neutered male
Hunter is a tall, 6 year old male purebred Whippet. He is red brindle and white. Very handsome. Very needy...this means he wants and needs to be with a person. He is devastated by his life. Here's his story:

When he was a puppy he was purchased by an older woman who did not train or neuter him. He jumped up on her one day and knocked her down. She broke her hip and he came to us. We placed him in what appeared to be a wonderful forever home. Hunter is not an overly active dog, he is very loving. They always wanted a Whippet and were thrilled to have this beautiful boy. Four years later, he is back here, at the age of 6. The kids have lost interest and the mom and dad have decided that a dog will interfere in their plans to do some traveling.

Hunter now has a great home in Florida.


DODIE, Whippet, Female
Dodie, 6 year old female purebred Whippet. She gets along with other dogs,is loving with people, would be fine with kids over 5 but should not be with another female Whippet, or another female dog of any breed. Dodie is convinced she is the queen, so we guess it is true. Crate-trained, not a nuisance barker, very pretty. Dodie now has someone to adore her.


TROOPER, Greyhound/Ibizan, Male
TROOPER is a young ( 8mos) neutered male Greyhound X Ibizan. He is active, playful and very playful. He gets along with other dogs, but cannot be fed with them - he guards his food. Trooper has a great new home.


DaIRY, Greyhound, Female
DaAIRY is a two year old female purebred Greyhound. She has always lived outside and she has very nice manners. DaAIRY is sweet, and easy going. She is also pretty darned smart, she catches on to everything right away. She is a gem of a dog...and will be trained as a therapy dog.

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BOCCE, Italian Greyhound, Male
Bocce is a 10 year old neutered male
Italian Greyhound. He is sweet, quiet and in need of a home to spend his senior years. He is a little overweight and has a few lumps and bumps not uncommon for this breed. He likes other dogs and is very sweet. Bocce now has a great new home.


2 1/2 year old purebred male Greyhound

Aptly named, APOLLO is a God of a male This remarkably beautiful young adult purebred Greyhound is very sweet. He gets along with other dogs, and loves people. Fabio, eat your heart out.

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2 1/2 year old male purebred Greyhound
Retired now, but raced under the name Y Know What, this is a very friendly, outgoing two and one half year old male Greyhound. He likes to leash walk, is very responsive with people, and does not appear to be dog aggressive. Ya Know now has a great new home!

ya know what

GENTLEMAN JIM, Whippet mix, Male
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Gentleman Jim (now known as Slim Jim).  If you recall, we were looking to adopt a rescue after our 19-year old Doxie/Terrier mix died of old age about 2 months ago.  My son Jake (11 years old) was convinced that Jim needed to be part of our family--and Jim took to Jake immediately.  Well, Jim is adjusting beautifully! He is well-mannered and friendly, has learned to sit for snacks and his food, is very smart (quickly learning the rules of the house), loves his walks and fetching balls and snuggling with Jake.  He and our 3 year old (female) Lab mix rescue have become fast friends--they play and play and play.  He is much faster than her, of course, but she tries to catch him!  In addition to her people, I can tell she is happy to have another canine companion. 
We could not have asked for a better dog!  Thank you for the important work you do!



jim and friend

CLEVELAND, Whippet, Male
Cleveland is a purebred Whippet who was born chunkier than his lettermates. This can happen sometimes with race bred Whippies.
Cleveland will not be large, probably 25 lbs, but he is very muscular and has a larger head. He is definately a Whippet by nature, sensitive, sweet and pretty quiet. His feelings are easily hurt, so please do not tell him you think he is funny looking for Whippet.

Clevie has been adopted by a 10 year old Labby dog named Guido.



SONYA, Greyhound, Female
Sweet SONYA is an ex-racer and she is 4 years old. She is bouncy, friendly, and very cheerful! Sonya now has a new name, Trixie, and a great new life!

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IRRESISTIBLE KAY, Greyhound, Female
This beautiful, somewhat small, purebed Greyhound female is adorable! She is truly irrestible. She is wiggly, giggly, and she smiles. She never fails to approach with a wagging tail and she runs to you with legs akimbo like a puppy. What a darling! Not surprisingly, Kay wasn't a very successful racing dog, and has only been on the track professionally twice. She was born to be a pet! Miss Kay now has a great new home!

CACTUS KID, Greyhound, Male
CK is 3 years old. This beautiful, tall, fawn male Greyhound has a very good temperment. He is not fretful and he is gettingl along well with his female kennel companion. He is gorgeous! CK now has a great new home.

SPECKLES, Greyhound, Female
Speckles is a very yong adult female greyhound. Like her brother who arrived with her, Speckles did not pass muster as a "coyote dog". She is a low mileage lady and very sweet and mild mannered. Speckles is now taking care of the old kids at an assisted living home.

LEGACY, Greyhound, Female
Legacy is a 3 year old female Black Brindle purebred Greyhound. She is spectacular ! If you have a fondness for sighthounds, this one will make you sigh.

Legacy has a great new home.

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Niko, Whippet Mix, Male
Niko's family moved away and left this Whippet mix with us. He is sad. He is also very sweet, friendly and would make a good companion for kids and another dog. he is abotu 2 to 3 years old, and about 30 lbs. Niko now has a forever home!


BILL Irish Wolfhound mix, male
Bill is a young adult (2yrs old) Irish Wolfhound/Scottish Deerhound mix. He is friendly, likes people. LOVES other dogs and is capable of jumping a fence.

Bill has gone off to do commercial work. Look for his happy face on products and in commercials and possibly the movies. Here's hoping you have a long and happy career, Bill!

Pretty Naomi Whippet.
Found herself the lesser of two beautiful Whippets who's family kept her living in the garage while her sister lived in the house. Caesar says she's no stepchild now. Happily sharing Caesar's bed and his heart, we wish this 7 year old lady and her new familky lots of love, many years and lots of laughter. Cesar is sure to provide it. We have loved having this girl with us, and we love that she is now Cinderella.

FAUNA, Greyhound, Female
Fauna is a beautiful fawn two year old purebred Greyhound female. She has a wonderful temperment and begs to go home with a family. She has never been a track dog and has spent some time with children. She is eager to please and very loving...just look at that face. What a stunning dog to take leashwalking, a real head turner at Starbucks!

She would also be a fine companion for a male neutered dog of the same or another breed. She is gentle and loving. We do not know if she has ever been with cats. But we bet you wouldn't have to worry about the pesky squirrels in your yard any more.

Fauna now has a wonderful home.

SCOUT, Greyhound, Male
Scout is a young adult male Greyhound, possibly mixed with Irish Wolfhound or Deerhound.

He is adorable, very friendly, and very big. Scout is smiling broadly because he now has a new home!

Elvis, Greyhound, Male
Elvis is a young, big boy. He is pretty easy going, but he is in need of some training. Elvis has not lived inside much of the time. He belonged to an older man who lived in the high desert and took his dogs out with him until he became handicapped and unable to care for them.

Elvis has now left the building - to go to his new home.

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JACKPOT, Greyhound, Male
Jackpot is a very young adult male greyhound. Barely a year old, He did not pass his "coyote dog" trials. he has never been a track race, he is a low mileage dog. He is in excellent condition and pretty large. A gorgeous dog. He gets along well with his kennel mate, and sister, a female. He is not aggressive at all.

Jackpot's cries were answered - and he now has a home to call his own.

DIVA, Whippet, Female
Diva is a rather large ( about 30 lbs), purebred female Whippet 4 years old.
She is a beautiful white girl with small black spots. She is a race bred whippet fom a very good family. Friendly, loving and playful.

Diva has a wonderful new family complete with a new dog friend.

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Jake, Borzoi/Greyhound Mix, Male
Jake has a short, easy care coat, gorgeous teeth and a nice smile. he also is good at catching gophers. Jake is 2 1/2 years old and neutered. This is a once in a lifetime dog. He is spectacular to look at, and very loving. He is also very tall! If you are looking for a giant breed dog, please consider our spectacular Jake.

Jake is now living the good life with a lady Borzoi companion.

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Sylvia, Whippet Mix, Female
Sylvia is a young adult female Lurcher, a sighthound blend. She is probably 2 years old or less and very playful and friendly with people. She is "raw material" and will have to be taught everything about leashwalking and living in a house. Sylvia now has a new beginning in Pasadena.

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Megan, Greyhound, Female
Eternally cheerful, curious and friendly, Megan is a Greyhound with a mix of Irish Wolfhound in her. She is a big girl. She is innocent and needs experience and training, but she is a fast learner. She loves people and gets along with male dogs. Megan, however, has to be the only lady dog. Megan is now living the good life in San Francisco!

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COCO, Lurcher, Female
Coco is a puppy about 14/16 weeks old. She is a Greyhound Deerhound mix - and sighthound mixes are called Lurchers. She is going to be a big girl. She is friendly, healthy, cheerful and simply adorable. She will be loved by her new family!

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Will, Greyhound, Male
WILL is a young adult purebred Greyhound. He is about one year old. He is shy, and a very pretty overall red brindle. He needs a friend. Will is simply stunned to find himself here and he needs to be in a home where there is someone to give him attention. Will has been adopted through GAC.

Lilly, Whippet, Female
Lilly is a five year old purebred
female Whippet. She is beautiful with a shiny black coat, she looks like a ballerina She gets along with other dogs and has a shy, and somewhat retiring personality. She would not be an appropriate companion for a very rambunctious dog. She is very loving, and enjoys attention. She has been crate trained. Lilly now has a great new home.

BRUISER, Whippet, Male
Bruiser is a 10-month old purebred whippet. Looking a little insecure in this photo, Bruiser is wondering what happened to his life. He just grew a little too big for a show dog. Sweet and handsome, Bruiser promises not to bruise anyone. Bruiser now has a great home.
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Beau, Irish Wolfhound Mix, Male
Beau is a 16 month old neutered Irish Wolfhound mix. He is smaller than a wolfhound, but he is adorable, and shares the same sweet nature as these wonderfully loving, even tempered hounds. He is "soft" natured, very gentle, would be a wonderful dog for kids. He LOVES to play ball, and is simply a sweet boy. He really wants to be someone's sweet pal. Beau is a gem of an Irish dog. Great smile ya got there, Beau...and you're new family just loves it!

Katie Scarlette, Greyhound, Female
Eternally cheerful, curious and friendly, Katie is a beautiful fawn Greyhound. She is innocent and needs experience and training, but she is a fast learner. She loves people and gets along with other dogs. Katie now has a great home.


Colleen, Greyhound, Female
Colleen is a 10 month old Greyhound girl. She is adorable. Her Irish markings are as delightful as her personality. She loves people, is cheerful, curious, friendly and very loving. Colleen now has a wonderful home.

LOST, Greyhound Mix, Male
LOST was found in a shelter with a companion Greyhound named FOUND.
He is rather small boned and we believe that he is probably a mix of Greyhound, Whippet, and Saluki. He has several canine bites on his haunches which we think comes from being a "coyote" dog. He is gentle, sweet and very easy to work with. He is an agreeable dog. His face is very pretty..more pictures will be coming.

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Charlie, Afghan Hound, Male
Charlie is a purebred black masked apricot Afghan hound. His owner passed away and Charlie is very sad. He is also desperate for a human to love. This is an especially sweet Afghan hound. Charlie needs a home...and now he has one!

BLU, Whippet, Male
Blu is a 6 year old purebred nuetered male Whippet. Sweet, loving Blu is now living with Elaine Marie his new mommy and long time Whippet owner. He is scheduled to become a therapy dog. Long and happy career, Blu!

GOLDIE, Whippet Mix, Female
Goldie is a Whippet...mostly. She may have a little Saluki in there, but she is posing as a Whippet girl these days. She is about 18 months old and very sweet. She is a quiet, unassuming dog who can run and jump with the best of them. Goldie now has a great new home.

McKevy, Borzoi Mix, Male
McKevy is a one year old neutered male Borzoi. He probably has a little Whippet in him, he is not as large as a "Zoi". He is a good sized, cheerful, playful,adorable boy who gets along with other dogs, and likes people. McKevy now has a great new home.

Ricky, Lurcher, Male
Ricky is a young adult male greyhound mix called a Lurcher. Friendly, and VERY playful. After a year with us, Ricky finally has a home.

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Mikko,Whippet, Male
Mikko is a 5 year old adult male purebred Whippet. He gets along with other dogs, and tends to mind his own business. He is crate trained, and walks well on a leash. He is a sweet cheerful dog. Mikko has a wonderful new home.


Sophia, Whippet, Female
Sweet, sensitive Sophia is a one year old female Purebred Whippet. She is beautiful, lovely black brindle with a pretty white face and very dark eyes. She is a petite girl. Sophia now has a great new home.

SHADOW, Afghan Hound, Female
Shadow is a three year old purebred female Afghan Hound. An understanding of this breed would be a plus. She likes people, and gets along with other dogs, especially suitable for a male companion. She is a nice, healthy, beautiful purebred dog. We are happy to say that Shadow has a great new home.

ELIZABETH, Afghan Hound, Female
This young lady is a purebred Afghan Hound. She is a silly baby, she needs love time and training. She likes people, kids and other dogs. A knowledge of this breed will be helpful. Afghan puppies can really be a handful. Elizabeth now has a lovely family and a yard to play in.

Chloe, Whippet Mix, Female
Cute little Chloe is a Whippet mix. She is a small girl, and VERY sweet, and agreeable. She likes other dogs, loves kids and is crate trained, housetrained and has no major issues at all. Which is just fine with her new family!

Zoe, Ibizan Mix, Female
Zoe is an Ibizan hound mix who is very tall, very friendly, and has a wonderful attitude. She has never met anyone that she did not like. At just barely a year old, Zoe has been started in obedience. She now has a great new home.

Shaina, Whippet, Female
Shaina is an 8-year old purebred Whippet female who is brindle and white. Shaina is now living in Yuma, Arizona.

Rocco, Italian Greyhound, Male
Rocco is an adult neutered male purebred Italian Greyhound. Rocco has missed NO meals at all and is on a diet, it is very unhealthy for this breed of dog to be heavy. Rocco is now on a diet and living in his great new home.
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Crystal, Greyhound, Female
Crystal is a 5 month old female purebred Greyhound puppy. She is bright white with "blue" ears and blue eyes. They are going to stay blue. She is a beautiful and very special young greyhound lady.
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TIPPYTOES, IG cross, Female
Miss Tippytoes came out of a shelter.
She is an older female Italian Greyhound cross. Miss Tippy is very sad and a little depressed...she does not know what happened to her life. Miss Tippytoes now has a great new home.

LOGAN'S RUN, Greyhound, Male
LOGAN is a sweetie! He is a field greyhound who has never been at the track. He is a very young adult. He LOVES people, is gentle on the leash and does not pull, and is very people oriented. We do not know if he has ever been with very young children or cats. Logan has a great new home.

Tinnu, Whippet, Female
Tinnu first came to us after being found tied up to a porch all day. We placed her in a home, but due to life changes, Tinnu had to come back for a stay. Now, she is in a nice new home.

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