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Southern California Whippet Association
Rescue Report 2003

This year has seen many Whippets placed in happy new homes.  Lives have been saved, new Whippet fans have been made.

I would like to thank all the SCWA members who have helped, also Greyhound Adoption Center, members of San Diego Whippet Club, Northern California Whippet Club and many other rescue groups.  Because of these people we have been able to find and retrieve Whippets in need.

We utilize a rescue railroad that assists to physically get Whippets and other sighthounds to us from all over the western United States.

See our "special dogs" list on .

In 2003,we have successfully matched 38 Whippets with 38 new and returning Whippet families. We also placed 27 other sighthounds, Lurchers and purebreds.

There will always be a need for rescue, but you can help to reduce the number of Whippets in rescue by properly screening prospective buyers and by putting a "return clause" in your sales contracts.

Whippets that have been turned in to us and sent back to their breeders are not counted in our 38 adoptions

Respectfully submitted
Mary Cutherell

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