Sister One's Success Story ...

I just wanted to thank you again for rescuing this darling pup. Gracie and I am immediate friends. I took her to Santa Barbara yesterday to meet the rest of my family (including the family dogs).

I was so impressed. She warmed up to everyone right away including the basset and Chesapeake retriever. I finally got her to her new home last night and she made herself right at home. My boyfriend, brother parents and sister in law all adore her and agree that she is the perfect dog me. I was so relived that she got along so well with the rest of my family and the dogs.

My brother and I also got a good laugh as she burrowed through my blankets and sheets last night to plant herself down by my feet for the night. I was afraid she would suffocate, but I remember reading that Dachshunds are know to burrow and dig. I am enjoying uncovering her idiosyncrasies. I have attached some photos. I don't have one of the two of us yet since I was rather preoccupied with her yesterday. I will send one soon. She is currently collapsed in a pile of blankets after a nice morning walk.

The pictures show Gracie at my parents' home in Santa Barbara with family dogs, Morgan (Basset) and Barclay (the retriever). Gracie learned very quickly to fit in with the family!

Thank you again for everything!