Muffin's Success Story ...

I just wanted to send you a Thank you.

Muffin - aka Lucy on her favorite window perch

I adopted "Muffin" whose name is now "Lucy," on Nov. 7th (chihuahua/terrier mix). We are both so happy.

Lucy and Her new Mom

She is such a delight to have. We are getting the potty training, some what. She still needs to get use to the Man of the house, my 18lb cat, Munky. Overall things are going really good. I take her out to the beach to run and play with other dogs or we go to the park, she loves it all.

Playing sure is tiring!

Right now she is curled up sleeping on my sweatshirt, just precious! So thanks again for all that you do at the Rescue. I'm so glad I have Lucy.

Lucy in a quiet moment.