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Our Chihuahua, Terrier, and Smaller Breed Adoptees
If you see a dog that interests you, please be sure to fill out our application. You must submit an application and be interviewed before you can adopt a dog.

Thinking of adopting a Chihuahua? Here is a on-line resource for Chihuahua information:

There is a serious Chihuahua epidemic in this country. Over bred and sold to young people who want to have what the pop divas on the fronts of magazines have. They are filling up shelters and rescues at alarming rates, they are no longer the tiny puppies to carry around and ooh and ahhh over, they are now adults, most are not spayed or neutered and producing an alarming amount of small unwanted dogs. They are dying in huge numbers, there simply are not enough homes for these little guys. They are not fashion accessories or quick money-making schemes any more— they are a rescue crisis. Please consider a small dog if you have the time and extra room in both your home and heart.

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No Additional Chihuahuas or small breeds.


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