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A Note From a Foster Home...

I am often asked why I do not keep the dogs I foster. The answer lies in the reason that I foster at all. I am in love with Whippets.

In my heart of hearts, I believe wholeheartedly in them. I have never understood the love, it is just there, it started many years ago when I was given a Whippet puppy as a gift. I don't think there is one who does not have the heart of both a lion and a lamb, and with some help, understanding, and love there is little they cannot do.

If I keep the dogs that are ready to bond with another human, then there will be a dog out there with no where else to go. That would break my heart more than passing on a dog I have grown to love. I simply wish to share the wealth of these beautiful, loving, brave animals.

Each one becomes a new teacher.


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